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Thread: Celph Taut v Spectre1 (OPEN FOR VOTES!)

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    virbius's favorite rapper Celph Taut's Avatar
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    Celph Taut v Spectre1 (OPEN FOR VOTES!)

    Audio battle
    2 mins
    due may 19th 11:59pm est

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    Re: Celph Taut v Spectre1

    how u gon fuck wit the greatest
    how u gon fuck wit the apex favorites
    ya masqueradin actin like u a-list
    fuck ya lame playlist, u worse than ass u anus
    i'll spit some game for layman so u can fully understand your pain n anguish
    son disabled no wonder he self thought
    u get cought, out in brampton with the vest off its all bets off
    lets take a walk thru the valley where death stocks u at every step
    the semi tec a have u running with ur heads off
    yo pop these pussy rappers is milfs, got em on tilt
    all i spit is this fuccen filth, doggin these hoes like lochi mil
    it all so real, zip em up in a body bag n find
    another dummy to get caught up in this bloody valentine
    i never tell a lie, live or die, this is lebanon 7-9
    get ya liver fried over a fire till it liquify,
    nickle nine, they gased u up I grill u with a single line
    go figure u ice grillin us guerillas is uncivilized
    now, tell me why u  charging 30 for 16 lines
    your mothers charges 30 for a 69 shit is wild
    u past your prime, hip hop has moved on, n u been at it too long
    but what u got to show for it not even a coupon
    not even a crumb off a crouton
    hit you with a 1000 new-tons, in the new bron u ru paul,
    tranny with blue balls turnin tricks in da bathroom stall
    for some loose change n a juice box
    well, if u can take da dick then take this L
    ain't hard to tell, i exhale chemtrail, guns from brixton to rexdale
    set sail across the adriatic, writing this 21st century illmatic
    spittin xanax till this faggot OD's in his attic
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    virbius's favorite rapper Celph Taut's Avatar
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    Re: Celph Taut v Spectre1

    His page


    'Dis who I'm battling? Mr. Glass Jaw? I'll shatter it..
    N' use the shards from what's left you drop just to stab you with!
    You pussy, you never had no hits (NONE)
    Even on Youtube, you're pulling below average clicks
    But let's be honest, a name like that? I imagine it's..
    more than likely the reason they gassing you..
    With that traffic, especially with that trash you spit!
    Dis punch? Will leave you right where you stand
    You can be "non-binary", n "identify" with these hands!!
    You enterprising, but damn... I'm-a bully you
    Then dig a hole just to be on the level you took it to
    Even by his name you can tell he's corny
    ..Rip Lux: what... YOU'RE TRYING MAKE THIS EASY FOR ME??
    ...And I don't wanna hear that trash
    They call you Specter cause it's "clear" that's ass; I'll tear that fast
    N' then scrap your blueprint
    Put an end to your little counter-culture movement
    Che Guevara posters on your walls n' shit - Little Homie: get off his balls, cause it's...
    Obvious to us you indoctrinated n' all, but this...
    Will be your wake up call, you bitch; No apologies
    "Right hands" for every "left"-wing ideology
    Threw a party when they fired Tucker Carlson
    These hands split you up, Lux: they're anti-bipartisan!
    And What's United Front? You might of thunk'...
    You're Lebron in here...'till you try to dunk. Just try me, once..
    ...Man, you know what's up, turn your flow to dust
    No battle show, to know that this Calicoe'!? leave you Loaded, LUX!
    Shaking my head whenever you drop a flow
    How they call you Specter? you got no "spirit" to drop with "soul"!
    Oh!!!! I hit him right in the feels
    You're standing behind your "bars", but you got no likely "appeals"
    So, let me strike you some deals ...Said you got no soul/sole
    But you know I'm right on your "heels" for those rhymes you tried to conceal!!
    'Dis is over kill, Eli Porter vs Cloverfield
    Movie trailer is rolling: know everything that you flow ain't "reel"
    Just an actor, but it's no sweat
    This shit was uphill, but him going down will be his biggest "roll", yet...


    Vincent | Sammy | Vallus | Dose Blotter | Onceawhile | Virbius | Bag Mandela | Celph Taut

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     Murder The Mainstream Nohbody's Avatar
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    Re: Celph Taut v Spectre1 (OPEN FOR VOTES!)

    Spectre, this was a cool track but honestly the first half of it really just felt like a self hype / flex piece. Direct disses start coming in around the 1:10 mark. I wish there was more setups and punches and haymakers going on here though. I like your flow, cadence, aggression, all that is cool... but as a diss, it felt a little light if im being honest

    Celph, comes out the gate swinging with that nice opener and i mean, your foot just stays on the gas through the entire verse. identify with these hands bar was hard. personals, right hands for left wings . . the attacks just kept piling up and the verses was vicious from start to end.

    Nice little throwdown here. I think lux gave up too many lines on self hypse / flex and it was costly when you are battling someone who is hitting you bar after bar with better setups, personals, and punches.

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