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Thread: Life & Death (keypoem)

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    Life & Death (keypoem)

    consciousness blooming through vibrant festivals
    never realizing it's just a mindless spectacle
    existence is what totality is cursed with
    depersonalizing even the universes
    rebirthing worlds in, after dispersing
    re-emerging into some earthly surface
    searching absurdly for any worthy purpose
    just quit being a bitch that cries
    be fit - survive, get kids - then die
    cycles of life circulating wheels of misfortune
    misleading distortions experienced first-person
    déjà vu huh? seemingly back in prison
    here we go again, still lacking vision

    what is time but a sequence of shit
    day-dreams too convenient to quit

    sooner or later..
    tomorrows hollow promises fading to grey
    the glowing freshness of yesterday in decay
    once again all abled flesh is betrayed
    to say death is the way is not defeatist today
    where to begin, the end is merely shedding the skin
    manufacturing a value of living embedded within
    eventually omnipotent boredom started shaping
    godforsaken star formations is hard to take in
    there is no escaping or nothingness freeing it
    all that's left is to kill time, repeatedly

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    Re: Life & Death (keypoem)

    Deep meanings

    Full of deeper emotions
    keep up the good work!

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