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Thread: Keystyle Cypher!

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    Quote Originally Posted by Celph Taut View Post
    8.12 now...

    10 minutes... like it's nothing...

    No polyester, son... look how I'm flexing - your texture's um
    Manufactured from rappers who haven't seen what the best has done..
    It's over, your finished... throw in the towel, now.
    The true master's rapping the vowels 'round ya neck, still shooting you cowards, down.
    You can't do what I do so you attempt to simulate the design...
    Wearing the genetic material on your brain, yet can't 'make up' your mind?
    Come on, son. Reality is, you're just taking up time...
    You wouldn't bust a grape here, but this verse is sure making you 'wine'..
    Drained the supply, now it's back to the vendor...
    I'm back smack them rapping contenders... have their ass going right back, where I sent ya.
    Ill Finesse is still, at best, a carbon copy.
    Got his liquor license online, yet don't got the 'bars' to stop me.
    Shot for Shot - Ivan Drago, homie - 'dis starring Rocky...
    Leviathan dying in the fire when he's charred, n' groggy.
    Waking up from defeat... you definitely ain't fucking with me...
    See him, carried by six... in that pine box, where you'll comfortably be.
    That's more your image... but this perfect shot, is one for the books..
    Another fish in the sea that will die from the punisher's hook..
    No Titan Atlas, just God of War... killing you, why you on the board...
    ..Dropping that weak trash in the forums that we have long ignored
    Watch me snore... put me to sleep... but you're here, in the hearse...
    Only way he's putting me to rest... is listening to his terrible verse...
    Damn right I'm the head man... who are you? the cable guy?
    Sounding a bit 'hoarse' over there... yet ain't have a 'stable' line...
    Verse after verse, no company had to wait on mine...
    "watch" him go to waste... which is irony, 'cuz I won't 'take my time'...

    Look at this premadonna
    I be the HNIC of this wannabe Dalai Lama
    I wonder if he down for drama?
    I guess it's down to Karma,
    Now take down your armor!
    Hey Auntie, watch me, take down Wakanda while burning pounds of ganja
    A waste of time is every time I WATCH you conjure your monica moniker
    Or is you Danica? I come for the stars like the astronomer Benjamin Banneker
    Hip-Hop is in my soul, Do you know what time it is? Tell me do you know?
    The Flow, Let-me-slow it down, down, down... I am a Junkie
    And been that way since Nice & Smooth was getting funky
    Where my tracks? Fuck industry, I'm in the streets, where my niggaz get it in and commit sins to eat
    That's where Hip-Hop still LIVES and its instilled in me
    So willingly I kill super predators like Hillary
    I expose those with hostility, leave em froze & filled with grief from iLL's release
    You have never been properly taught so you don't have the skill to teach
    Unless we talking about the HEAD MAN cuz man you won't even feel the teeth

    - iLL

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    Re: Keystyle Cypher!

    How do dead bodies talk?...

    'Cuz it's happening, here...
    Take him off the field for good - you're having a Colin Kaepernick year..
    Fuck your mechanic, though ... you never had you a hood presence...
    With that weed beat... why don't you "Ganja" up a good sentence?
    Ain't making waves, nor or you up on my frequency...
    Pull the plug on iLL, then I do a rap on the EKG....
    I see you up in my face, clown...
    How you gonna be hip hop when I successfully remove what is left of you, from the waist down?
    Hazmat waste when they catch me dropping that fire shit...
    iLL? Organic compound - a product of his environment...
    I mean seriously, why don't you drop something you're proud to?
    Can't account your lines when there's nothing of 'value'...
    Let's be honest, Ill... I already know I'm you're fucking idol...
    You got no accolades, but ... at least you've earned... A custom title!
    I'm just playing with you; you're labia food.
    Tell Sigourney Weaver this is Aliens 2...
    Put your mind in a box, when I leave your brain in the room...
    Said I'd pull the plug on Ill... he ain't go recoup... !
    Always dropping 'beats' yet no punch of yours 'stays in the loop'...
    You can drop all you want, yet your bars aren't skilled...
    Take down Wakanda, n' still... nobody's gonna Marvel you, iLL.
    The Queen's Gambit... he's like, "That wasn't part of the deal!"
    Deliverance to completion, but these cans? Will make it harder to 'squeal'...
    I'm not even taking this seriously now, here, with this clown..
    It's embarrassing, now.
    Washed up from the beginning, n' I don't care if you drown.


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