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    Fuck Trump

    I'm so embarrassed to be an American
    and it's apparent he's tearing the constitution
    with his disillusionment
    I'd rather shoot him in the face in front of Barron
    with an Uzi leave his grey matter splattered
    brain matter scattered
    so his hate can be eradicated
    I am tired of waiting and watching
    sitting complaisant I'm wishing out of frustration
    that he meets dicapitation
    oh what a celebration we would have at last
    to watch this punk get blasted
    wrapped up in plastic
    chopped up fuck a casket
    I wanna watch him burn and take a piss on his ashes
    I wont miss this little bastard
    and if by chance he get's assasinated
    you know I really wouldn't hate it
    I yearn to dispense and ass beating to Pence
    this dude's hating on the gays, boy you need to stop it
    you just trying to hide the fact that you won't come on out the closet

    [Fuck Trump]
    Grab 'em by the pussy
    Grab 'em by the pussy
    Grab this pussy by the pussy and slaughter this pussy (x3)

    [Fuck Trump]
    Grab 'em by the pussy
    Grab 'em by the pussy
    Grab this pussy by his pussy and murder this pussy

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