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Thread: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    we don't listen to whatever you say, you nerd.. I hate you virb..
    the simple fact that you're on a text site means you're a slave to words.
    I'll bang out a quick bar or two and leave you leaking on the pavement
    blow a hole threw your roof, clear out 100 miles just cos I don't give a fuck what your statement.
    you wrote a bunch of meaningless trash, just name dropped me a lot
    dude said "Wordz" so many times, it was like he was trying summon AhGod.

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    It ain’t Maes, it’s Maestro, -technique flame like pyro-
    My flow’s encoded like hieroglyphics in Cairo
    The style will last millennia like embalming a pharaoh
    With the brain intact, cryogenically frozen with the eyes open

    Wordz, you can’t see me, I’m thee Siddharta Gautama
    The True God is within me, not a heavenly father
    All your bla bla is nada, no “kami no kotaba”
    You should stick to what you know like Hakuna Matata

    I’m flabbergasted by these whack ass, half ass punks, yo
    You should retire like the cast to the Jackass stunt show
    And the bitch above me is weak. He’s showing no class
    So I ain’t dropping Your Name like Steve-O on his ass

    Ayo fuck it… I feel like royalty in the slums
    All I’m seeing is bums chewing with no teeth in the gums
    You couldn’t write a dope rhyme with a gun to your head
    Cause your mind is like a blank page, covered in lead

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    “It’s not Maes it’s Maestro”... pfft. bitch, it’s absurd,
    We’ve all seen you struggle with finishing Wordz.
    It’s only Wordz. your shit’s superficial.
    If I wanted to see Maes with Wordz I’d watch Stuart Little.

    It’s Maestro da Psycho.
    Meh, who’s he?
    Oh a Maniacc? with two c’s?

    They say madness is when you repeat your actions and expect a different result... uh, best of three?
    You can tell he’s a maniacc, coz he spells it with an extra c.
    He doesn’t even need a name like that, the rest can see, let’s agree...
    The guy’s plainly crazy since he’s on here tryna mess with me.

    A deity of destruction, I was raised to reign and razed terrain.
    You tryna body Ahgod, I embody a god, so we ain’t the same.
    Go to hell... Ahgoddamn him.
    Strange we have a Maniacc with Wordz in here and I’m the one who ran-tings.

    I hide bodes in alcoves. that’s a niche reference.
    A Maniacc saying Ahgod died? that’s a Nietzsche reference.

    He got the sanity to know he’s mad? that’s very true.
    Fuck one gunshot, he gotta Catch 22.
    Sorry cuz, that’s a book reference.
    I should face life in jail for what I did with Wordz. And that’s a good sentence.

    Ironman tryna buy a gram at a British dance party... Stark raving.
    Maestro’s doctor be like “hmm, acute mania? he’ll feel better with sedatives when his heart’s racing,
    Plus he’s got supportive relatives and a therapist I have vast faith in.
    Oh wait, he’s a maniacc? with two c’s? then he’s utterly fucked and we can’t save him”.

    Ay, yo...
    I got that ‘Men in Black actor tryna pet a yak’ swagger.
    Was that a line which you didn’t expect?
    Probably, yeah, I’m willin’ to bet (/Will in Tibet).

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    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    This guy’s dropping names like he’s under interrogation
    So before any sentence he’d share information with Perry Mason
    and Sherlock Holmes and them. It’s obvious. He’s fairytaling
    But my lyrics will improve IQ’s like Genius annotations

    Matter fact, name dropping that bad only comes from college freshmen
    At the lessons they’re in Jeopardy; cause all their answers are called in question
    And Virb is no exception. He’s quoting books he’s never read
    But in the end he’ll never get it like a fella that’s celibate

    It’s evident. He’s the 45. President:
    Beefing with the intelligence
    You wish death upon me, but you can join the rest of them
    And in case you don’t know, that’s many, many, many, many men…

    Check it.

    You’re a grown man talking about mice. Want me to talk about verbs?
    “Virbs is only a fraction of Wordz”, homie that crap is absurd..
    And I didn’t kill AhGod, it was just a spur of rationality
    But I can resurrect AhGod like Nietzsche did in The Birth of Tragedy


    I studied philosophy at the highest level
    Not astrology in a Mayan temple
    That’s why you get left behind like Ptolemy at the science festival

    My mind’s incredible like I’m buying fentanyl
    Identical minds think alike, that’s why our kinds are separable
    My rhymes are technical and every sign is integral
    The letters combine together like negative ions are tending to bind in chemicals
    So when I write F-L-O, the W is inevitable

    Word is bond and impenetrable
    But anyway, let’s get back to the bull..

    You said Maestro’s a psychopath. And that’s true. I’m on the righteous path
    Of killing any MC I see with a motherfucking Viking axe
    And yeah, that might sound good.. there’s no apologies for the prosody
    But that’s the only way to get into heaven in Norse mythology

    Will Smith in Tibet? What’s that? This guy’s playing the Bongcloud?
    You ain’t Einstein or Jordan, more like Dalai Lama when you stick your tongue out

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    Apr 2020

    Re: Diss The Bitch Above You Cypher

    That was light in my eyes, “interrogation”,
    Gon be spilling his guts, no hesitation.
    He getting closer to Ahgod, it’s hella blatant,
    Suffice to say either way might display some Revelations.
    Check the statement...
    A mental patient...
    He pleads diminished responsibility, coz he’s psycho, a crazy act, writes so insane in-fact it’s Maestro da maniacc...
    Got him picking which defensive vest to best deflect if I chose to spray the gat, cryogrenades, an axe, a knife thrower’s blade attacks...
    I mean, who could blame him if the guy goes and takes the flak.

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